About Us

Who We Are

Adapt Africa is a unique outfit with a distinctive, collegial culture that transcends organizational and geographic boundaries. We focus on unlocking and sustaining opportunities for the people of Africa, by making the right tools, resources, and information accessible where they are most needed, to support social well being, sustainable livelihood diversification, wealth creation and sustainable economic growth.


Impact-led, strategic, and results-driven aid and investment


To support evidence based creation and scaling of new, innovative, wealth-creating, and livelihood diversifying strategies, that are adaptive to local and global transformations.

What We Do

We identify high-potential innovations, test and accelerate their success through proven and proprietary development methods. We partner with like-minded organizations in the private and public sector, for profit and not for profit, to pilot and scale high impact innovations that spur equity, social inclusion, poverty reduction and environmental safeguard.

We support research, monitoring and evaluation of development and investment programs. Through our agenda-setting research portfolio, we help development partners, investment partners and their stakeholders to understand their operational context, assess the impact/ performance of their investments and to set their priorities right.

We provide advisory services, to help clients anticipate key trends, develop effective strategies and initiatives, and unlock new possibilities.

We draw on an international network of strategic partners to develop innovative and adaptive solutions in the key sectors of climate change, agriculture and food security, clean energy, environment, health, trade, governance, education, water and sanitation

What Makes Us Different

  • Our technical team has years of combined experience on working with both private and public sectors, and working across different levels of development
  • Our team has extensive experience of supporting development initiatives in the Africa region.
  • Our network of over 100 professionals within and beyond Africa continuously provides leadership and technical guidance in supporting our work
  • Our endowment with a large pool of professionals enables us to support programs and innovations across multiple fields of expertise. We are a one-stop shop for all your needs for evidence based development and high impact investment in poverty reduction and wealth creation.
  • We custom-tailor our methodologies and tool kits to successfully respond to the needs of our partners.
  • Our Comprehensive solutions make us outstanding in meeting program research development needs

Why We Exist

The world’s most pressing problems – climate change, extreme poverty, limited access to livelihoods etc.  – require tested and proven high impact innovations, considering the continued decline in resources. We believe that, channeling investments on tested and proven innovations is the most effective strategy for solving complex social problems and achieving global good.

We believe in ventures that spur development and attract investment returns in terms of social and economic benefits, while creating paths toward a healthier planet. To get it right in prioritizing our investments, we support generation of evidence, and development of strategies that are backed by research. We embrace the culture of learning and adapting to conform to transformations.